Lumen Valo released its seventh recording in 2008, in the fifteenth year of the ensemble’s existence. It was at the same time a return to roots, as Maria shared the same theme as the group’s first CD. Maria includes Marian motets by Renaissance masters, the earliest being Guillaume Dufay’s famous Ave regina caelorum. The majority of the works are from the late sixteenth century and include motets by such masters as Victoria, Palestrina and di Lasso.

  1. 01 Tomás Luis de Victoria: Ne timeas, Maria
  2. 02 Francisco Guerrero: Tota pulchra es, Maria
  3. 03 Anonymous: Madame d’amours
  4. 04 Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina: Assumpta est Maria
  5. 05 Guillaume Dufay: Ave regina caelorum
  6. 06 Orlando di Lasso: Stabat Mater
  7. 07 Orlando di Lasso: Ave regina caelorum
  8. 08 Orlando di Lasso: Regina caeli, laetare
  9. 09 Jean Mouton: Magnificat
Maria (Sigillum LVCD 4), 2008

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