Lumen valo

Lumen Valo has been a major force on two Finnish musical scenes for the last two decades. It has played a central role as a trail-blazer in the early music movement and as a role model for classical vocal ensembles. The bulk of Lumen Valo’s repertoire comes from the sixteenth century, but it has ample experience in making detours outside the Renaissance period. Especially significant has been its activity in contemporary music: the group has premiered over ten works written especially for Lumen Valo. The versatility of the group is displayed in its nine CD’s (see Discography). The group consists of eight singers, four women (SSAA) and four men (TTBB), all of whom have sung several years with the group.

Next Concert

Aurore 2015

The second Aurore Renaissance Festival will take place in Helsinki January 15 - 18. Lumen Valo will perform in two concerts.